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In the seventh century, Parihar Rajputs drove out the Gaharwar rulers and established themselves in the country between Mahoba and Mau.In the ninth century, they were repulsed eastwards by the Chandels, where Raja Dhara Singh seized the fort of Naro from the Teli Rajas in 1344.Rulers of Rewa bore the title of and "Maharaja", addressed as "His Highness", and received a 17 gun salute.Most of the Raghuraj Nagar and entire Amarpatan tehsil of the present Satna district were in the Rewa State prior to the formation of Vindhya Pradesh.The Mahabharata associates this site with rulers of the Haihaya, Kalchuri or Chedi clans.The chiefs of Rewash, descended from Baghel Rajputs (who were in turn descended from the Solanki), ruled over Gujrat from the tenth to the thirteenth century.In 1812, during the time of Raja Jaisingh (1809–35), a body of Pindaris raided Mirzapur from Rewa territory.

It remained so until 1720, when the capital was moved to Nagod by Raja Chainsingh.“My next door neighbour was looking after her and had put a blanket over her.“He had seen it all happen, he said she just ran across the road. It was such a loud bang.”A Broughton Avenue resident, who said her son went to school with Ella at Bentley Kirkby Avenue Primary, called her a ‘lovely girl’. “I’d heard that there’d been an accident just outside, and then when I heard it was Ella I couldn’t believe it,” said the 29-year-old.“I’ve always seen her and family around, everyone in Bentley knows them. When I found out I went up to kiss my four-year-old boy.”Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision.Vyaghra Deo, brother of the ruler of Gujrat, is said to have made his way into northern India about the middle of the thirteenth century and obtained the fort of Marpha, 18 miles north-east of Kalinjar.His son Karandeo married a Kalchuri (Haihaya) princess of Mandla and received in Dowry the fort of Bandhavgarh (now in the tehsil of the same name in Shahdoldistrict), which, until its destruction in 1597 by Akbar the Great, was the Baghel capital.

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Until the 18th century, the state was known as Unchahara from the name of its original capital.

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