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by Natalie Natalie's request, with Elly's relationship advice Roger absolutely swept me off my feet, he was amazing... Caring, out going, FUN, compassionate, he really took the time to break through my security walls and learn the real me. Roger (he is 28) and I have been dating now for 2 1/2 years.He treated me like a princess, made me feel secure, special, truly loved. In my past relationships/break ups I never really taken the time in between to heal and figure out what I really wanted or needed in a relationship.It will help you to also consider other factors that are important in developing a relationship that works - away from the ones that occupy your thinking so much at the moment. Elly Your problem is never too small or too big, too silly or too complicated to ask for help from a professional counsellor (connect for FREE for 7 days, as often as you like - chat, phone or email).Connect now and get your problem sorted in 3 easy steps: Don't need help beyond the first week?

You won't believe what a breath of fresh air it is to have a professional by your side! When Online Dating was introduced as a concept it changed the landscape of the dating scene completely.People were no longer leaving love down to serendipitous encounters, but instead, they were actively going out there looking for it.A few weeks ago we talked and now he wants to try and "start over/ rebuild" our relationship. Natalie, I am sorry to know that you have been so hurt.He tells me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, that he's happy with me, that i'm good to him but then he turns around and tells me the other day that sometimes he wants a girlfriend and some times he doesn't. It sounds like you feel torn between what your heart tells you and what your head tells you. We can look for all kinds of reasons as to why Robert is acting in that way, but that isn't going to change the situation.

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and he refuses to move out even though everything in the house is mine.