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Who is noureen dewulf dating

was a ratings smash when it debuted last year and now the show is back - kicking off a mammoth two-year, 90-episode run!Digital Spy spoke to Noureen De Wulf - who plays the glamorous but self-centred Lacey - about the show's success, working with the "eccentric" Mr Sheen and what premiered last year, it broke cable ratings records - did you expect it to be so huge?"I hope so, because I certainly think he's very funny - his timing is perfect, just like his son.I think it's great when dramatic actors do lighter, funny roles."He's Charlie's father on the show, but he's the opposite of a father figure - he's very sneaky and manipulative, and I think all of that is a great turn for him."With so many episodes to come, what would you like to see happen to Lacey in the future?

As for the rest of her career, De Wulf has appeared in several movies and other TV shows in the past such as the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in 2009 and a single episode appearance on the TV show Reno911!

So yes, I'm hoping that as we create more distance from all of that, people will enjoy the show and if anyone felt alienated before, I hope they come and watch it.

But I don't think people were [alienated] - I felt like they were always on board with him."Martin Sheen is a series regular this season too…

"I think because it was Charlie Sheen starring, I expected it to go either very well or very badly! So in a way, I wasn't surprised - he does seem to be very good at making a comeback."FX ordered 90 episodes of the show at once - were you surprised that they made such a huge commitment?

"Well, I think the show is a great fit for FX and I think getting Charlie Sheen on their network was also a great get for them. In the first ten episodes, we just barely got to know the patients - in the last couple of episodes, I finally started to have a little bit of storyline of my own."It's a character that I think has so many places to go.

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After Lucic took a puck to the face and had to go back to the locker room, she tweeted simply, “Karma.” This is of course in response to the time Lucic ran over Miller, who had come out to play the puck way back in 2011.

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