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If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Eudoxie Mbouguiengue is gorgeous.

But there is more to her than being married to the famous star, Ludacris.

Thanks to loyal reader Carsyn, we know that Luda’s fiancee’s name is Eudoxie and she’s a bilingual med student from Africa who speaks French fluently.

She’s a student at the University of Miami and she’s super smart, and very low key.

In a recent interview with Unfortunately, Ludacris should know that as a superstar rapper, he lives his life under a microscope.

His refusal to give up her name or any details about her only whet’s the blogger’s appetite for info on who she is.

He was a smart man to officially take her off the market.

1) Eudoxie is a native of the West African country Gabon."Judging by the ecstatic photos of the couple, she said yes."Best day of my life with the love of my life! "#milehighpropsal" came out after the tragic death of his costar Paul Walker, and promoting the film without him was a harrowing battle for the entire cast."There was a piece missing, but we had to fulfill that piece 'cause we know he's with us," he told Billboard."And that's what kept us going and that's what kept us motivated." Eudoxie, a native of Gabon in West Central Africa, is founder of Unspoken Angels, a non-profit organization that supports and educates young women who have been the victims of mental, verbal and sexual abuse."There are few things of more importance to me than to reach back to young ladies who have experienced abuses and be able to help them deal with the hurt, betrayal and feelings of inadequacy that I too have suffered in association with those abuses," she writes on the website.i am improving the answer to this Question i left the original answer that someone else has wrote...luda did not write this song the writers were Christopher Bridges, Douglas Davis, Keri Hilson, Jamal Jones, Richard Walters.writer i belive was miss keri hilson The main writer of this song was Christopher Bridges which is Ludacris real name, Keri Hilson said it on the Monique Show that Ludacris wrote the verses, and took the song to a whole 'nother level.

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Everyone knows that rapper Ludacris loves intelligent women.

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