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Vipassana dating

Vipassana Meditation Centre - Dhamma Setu 533 Pazhan Thandalam Road, Thiruneermalai Via, Thirumudivakkam Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 044 India Phone (Landlines): [91] 94442 80952, [91] 94442 90953 (Office timings: 10 am - 1 pm, 2 pm - 5 pm) For Enquiries and Registration: [91] 9444462583, [91] 9442287592, [91] 9042632889, [91] 8015756339, [91] 9940467453 E-Mail: [email protected] online application form encrypts your information before it is sent from your computer to our application server.However, it may not be totally secure even though encryption is used.

The long and painstaking process of making the plot suitable for construction bore fruit in May 2000 with Goenkaji’s visit in September of the same year, when Dhamma Setu was formally established.If you are concerned about the possibility of security risks of your confidential information while it is on the Internet, do not use this form and instead download an application. Then please send the form to the course organizers.By faxing or posting your application form it may delay the registration process by one to two weeks.The last time I wrote I had just exited 10 days of silence and meditation.I am still meditating regularly, and you know what? I was definitely not expecting a metamorphosis from the experience though, and something the instructor said has really stuck with me: You will still get angry.

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The courses begin after a 2 - 4 pm registration period and orientation, followed by 10 full days of meditation, and end the morning of the 11th day by am.

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