Variable or accommodating resistance training machines

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Variable or accommodating resistance training machines

In more recent studies pertaining to exercise, Pipes and Wilmore (75) compared isokinetic training to isotonic strength training in adult men. Hellebrandt and Houtz (48B) shed some light on the mechanism of muscle training in an experimental demonstration of the overload principle.

By using color graphics monitors to illustrate the individual's exercise performance, persons can follow a predetermined exercise program or create a physical profile relating to each individual's strengths, weaknesses, speed and endurance.

Muscular strength may be defined as the force a muscle group can exert against a resistance it a maximal effort. As the muscle contracts, the resistance changes in a predetermined manner (linear, exponentially, or in a user defined manner). For example, the equipment employed in the study conducted by Pipes and Wilmore assumed certain velocities on the isokinetic modality used.

In 1948, Delorme (35) adopted the name "progressive resistance exercise" for his method of developing muscular strength through the utilization of counter balances and weight of the extremity with a cable and pulley arrangement and, thus, gave load-assisting exercises to muscle groups which did not perform antigravity motions. The number of groups of repetitions of a particular movement or exercise. However, verification of the speed was impossible since a closed loop feedback and sensors were not used as they do not exist on the equipment employed.

� SAFE-Bar remains where individual leaves it, no matter what position.

� RESISTANCE OR SPEED AT ANY POSITION-Programs can preset each exercise to a given level of resistance or speed to any angle desired on both the upstroke and downstroke, each computed individually.

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