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This is important because how we go about the process will be different depending on the context.Some common contexts include: Example 1: I do some work with an RTO who delivers Certificates II, III and IV in Agriculture.Training organisations need to be able to prove that they follow the Work Health And Safety Act during all assessments.One way of validating the assessment process in terms of safety is to consider and document the following: Note that it is important to document all validation activities, not just those dealing with WHS.

While I am doing this, I am also looking at the assessment processes and tools to make sure that they will collect the required evidence in a school setting.

What this means specifically for our work is that validation: It means that we get together with some other people to make sure that what we did when we assessed someone was in line with the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence.

We can make it very complicated, but really that’s what it comes down to.

What this means is that I am reviewing the assessment process and tools to work out if they meet the principles of assessment (especially: is it fair?

) and the rules of evidence (especially: is it valid and reliable? Example 2: Unlike the first example, there are lots of people who deliver the TAE40110.

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Gaining a commitment from external training organisations is also desirable.

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