Updating xp key

Posted by / 21-Jan-2017 17:35

Updating xp key

It was pretty obvious that the serial numbers were pirated. After searching the net, I found that Microsoft no longer allows you to update the serial number using this script.

Microsoft has also provided its own tool to change Windows Product Key, which supposedly to be most reliable, risk-free and won’t mess up your system.

Once it is finished it will ask you for the new Key: Enter the key click finish and it will make the change and reboot.

Now that the serial number is updated you will no longer receive the warnings from Microsoft, and updates will be properly applied.

There are several very specific steps in this process, many of which involve editing the Windows Registry, so this visual tutorial should help clear up any confusion.

Changing your Windows XP product key should take you less than 15 minutes.

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The main reason you might want change the Windows XP product key is because your key is pirated or otherwise incorrect but you don't want to reinstall Windows XP to activate your new legal product key.