Updating the nav101 sd card Web cam chats naked no sign up live

Posted by / 24-Apr-2015 14:49

This is the same Pi that I used with the other card, so it's not an issue with the hardware.

Hi Jordan- I wanted to check in and see if you have any thoughts about this.

For exemple, if you have a Tails 1.3 and the current version is 1.3.2, then the upgrade to 1.3.1 will be installed, and after you restart Tails, the upgrade to 1.3.2 will be installed.

This was with a sony 64gb mirco sdxc card, 40 mb/s.I have another 5 kits to update so would love to be really proficient in dealing with these problems. I tried the git clean command from your previous post then tried to pull a fresh copy of Piper.I see these errors: I tried this with the card on version 1.0.4.On a couple of them I got the new story levels, then had to go to the update button on the home page for the version update.But on one kit, each time I clicked on the "Download new level" button, I would continue to see the wireless connection page.

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After running this command I see the message "HEAD is now at b0b4e81 Merge branch 'staging' " I launched Piper and attempted the update, still get the message "Your system is already up to date" I then swapped in the card with 1.0.5, and ran the command with the same results.

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