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Updating olap cubes sql server

You can use Microsoft Query to view and to change queries that you start creating in the Query Wizard, or you can create new queries without using the wizard.

Work directly in Microsoft Query when you want to create queries that do the following: Reusing and sharing queries In both the Query Wizard and Microsoft Query, you can save your queries as a file that you can modify, reuse, and share.

Top of Page After you create a query in either the Query Wizard or Microsoft Query, you can return the data to an Excel worksheet.

The data then becomes an external data range or a Pivot Table report that you can format and refresh.

Selecting data from a database You retrieve data from a database by creating a query, which is a question that you ask about data stored in an external database.

For example, if your data is stored in an Access database, you might want to know the sales figures for a specific product by region.

Updating your worksheet in one operation Once you have external data in an Excel workbook, whenever your database changes, you can refresh the data to update your analysis — without having to re-create your summary reports and charts.

For example, you can create a monthly sales summary and refresh it every month when the new sales figures come in.

The external data is retrieved when a user opens the report template.If you double-click a file, Excel opens, runs the query, and then inserts the results into a new worksheet.If you want to share an Excel summary or report that is based on external data, you can give other users a workbook that contains an external data range, or you can create a template.To set up a data source by using Microsoft Query: Use the Query Wizard for most queries The Query Wizard makes it easy to select and bring together data from different tables and fields in your database.Using the Query Wizard, you can select the tables and fields that you want to include.

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Microsoft Office provides drivers that you can use to retrieve data from the following data sources: You can use also ODBC drivers or data source drivers from other manufacturers to retrieve information from data sources that are not listed here, including other types of OLAP databases.