Up north dating

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Up north dating

If you have been struggling to find love on the Liverpool dating scene, then welcome to the last online dating site you will ever need. Whether you have been unlucky in love or maybe just not had the time to be out and about on the Liverpool dating scene then don’t worry because e Harmony will guide you on your journey to finding love and happiness.Our approach to online dating in Liverpool differs from other dating sites you may have seen or even tried in the past. Our meaningful introduction leads to longer lasting relationships that could lead you to be walking down the aisle in no time.Monaghan told us that he wanted to grab one last sand sample from underneath a rock bed.He wanted to find out when this low area 50 yards away from the dune samples we collected was under lake Michigan.Just as we were preparing to end our excursion empty handed, Cousin Andrew sauntered past one last dune blowout and noticed an interesting array of what looked to be dry leaves.The array was patterned and looked odd and out of place. After further examination Bob concluded that we were looking at fragments of a clay pot! On the windswept morning of Saturday November 1st, I pulled in to the trail head parking lot that would lead me to the discovery site.We weren't sure how deep the rock bed went when we started digging (Colebrook surmised that we might dig to China), but eventually found pure sand 75cm or so below the surface.

If you happen to know where the site is located we ask that you please keep it private.

Colebrook and Hawthorn were a bit shy at first but excited to be a part of the project. He has seen pottery with similar designs patterns etched into the clay at archaeological sites in other places in the midwest that were from that same point in time.

Each sand sample taken will be tested in a process called .

That evening we excitedly told the Park Service of our find and the very next day we were leading park officials to the site. So a few weekends ago, the park service brought in several experts from around North America to pinpoint the exact age of the dunes, and therefore, the pottery itself. The team of scientists I was meeting had been on location since sunrise, plotting, analyzing, photographing, and taking sand samples, all the while developing images in their mind of what this area looked like thousands of years ago.

The sherds were carefully collected and quietly, the park service has been monitoring the area and has enough evidence to create what they believe will become an important story of the Sleeping Bear Dunes history. Like any discovery, our find raised quite a few questions like "Hold old is this pot? The talented "international" team of geoarchaeology experts included: The goal of the day was simple; collect multiple soil and sand samples from varying depths and locations around the pottery site in order to piece together a chronological story of the history of the dunes.

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Last summer, a few of us at Cherry Republic made an exciting archeological discovery within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

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