Uniondating powered by vbulletin 100 ukrainian dating

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Uniondating powered by vbulletin

Well maybe under my breath i said a few swears lol I would do one of 2 things...Either move the emails back to your inbox and download them all to your PC using POP3.Having been using simple web based mail for all these years ive not much idea about POP and IMAP so i struggled badly lol But now all the important emails are (in a fashion) backed up.Most had to be done individually which took me several hours because the process kept failing at the BT Yahoo side but now they are all done. Im cutting all ties with BT and so will soon lose my email account but i need to back up some important emails. Having tried to resolve it with BT their only response is 'Yahoo did it'. Theyve made a right dogs dinner of it and now most of the links tabs and buttons wont work.Does the POP download ignore all the emails that aren't in the inbox?

I rang their tech line to be told 'ah yes, i have bt email too and im unhappy at what they have done and sorry i cant help you becuae you only pay for email and not broadband' Aftyer hearing that im quite proud of the fact i didnt eff or geoff once.

Thank you ill try reconfiguring first then if no joy ill try your other solution. On a sort of related note i was trying to work out why the tabs and buttons were no longer working so i disabled some software that i run when im on the internet.

This software normally runs with no problems at all, in fact its been installed for several years with no adverse effect, however when i disabled it my inbox was flooded with 'emails' for Western union, dating sites and other dross.

Having Outlook, Gmail or whatever pick up messages from the main email address mail box is a useful backup.

Maybe do it one folder at a time so that the filing is easier on the PC. Sadly yes, it ignores everything bar whats in the inbox.

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This way you could use your new account as your primary account and access emails from your BT account in the same application as and when you need.

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