Tips for dating someone with adhd

Posted by / 03-Mar-2016 14:37

The person you are dating wants to be respected and understood for who they are.

Being in a loud and crowded room can be a sensory overload for them, and even hearing bad news can feel like the world is ending. People with ADD can’t always regulate their emotions, and can literally go through a full range of feelings, from angry to sad to happy, all within a few minutes. They practically have no filter and say whatever they are thinking, whenever they feel the urge.eing in a relationship with someone who has ADD presents some unique challenges. Conversations tend to jump rapidly from one topic to another. Of course, there are also many benefits to being with someone with ADD: a sense of spontaneity, endless intellectual curiosity, excitement, and creativity. #4 They have difficulty focusing when they are upset.It’s important to remember that your ADD partner will have a hard time focusing on any task when they are upset.

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They have a hard time with organization, because their mind is usually far from orderly.