Thin privilege dating

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Colleagues stood around it, looking anxious and uncertain. My physician has never suggested I “lose weight” as a solution for my physical disability, or the things I’m unable to do because of it.“I want some, but I just can’t.” The comments poured in after the first joke, which was only a second in. I picked up a plate and grabbed two slices before walking back to my desk to get back to making graphics. I was built with a very small frame, identical to my mom’s. Any health problems I’ve had have never been blamed on my weight.

If I hear those kinds of comments from other people, I try to politely shut them down and remind the person to focus on their own health instead of someone else's.More than once while out eating with a friend, the waitstaff has given me the healthier of the two meals, having assumed it was mine.I never assume that someone is healthy or unhealthy because of their weight, or even what they're eating at the current moment.But I began to pick up on diet culture and fatphobia regardless, because the commentary now held my attention.When I made the conscious decision to change my relationship with food, my body and control, I also made the decision to notice where my thin privilege—and calling out fatphobia—come into play. If I had to categorize it, I’d say I follow the “Lorelai and Rory Gilmore diet” minus the coffee, red meat and fries. But no matter what I eat—and how deliberately I choose to eat it—I’m never the subject of scrutiny over what I’m ordering, simply because of my thin privilege.

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