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The most common route up Aconcagua is the , a non-technical walk-up climb along the Northwest Ridge.It's important not to call this route an easy climb because it's not.

A big sin was weighing on my heart, and I sat face to face with my chaplain. “Father, forgive me for I have sinned…” I decided to get the worst out of the way first.These were the highest ascents in the world at that time. The first ascent of the 9,000-foot-high South Face was by French climbers Robert Paragot, Guy Poulet, Adrien Dagory, Lucien Berandini, Pierre Lesseur, and Edmond Denis in seven stormy days in February 1954.It is possible that the mountain had previously been climbed by Pre-Columbian Incans. The first woman to climb the South Face was Titoune Meunier and her former husband John Bouchard via the French 1954 route in 1984.There are no permanent snowfields on it but crampons, ice axe, and alpine climbing skills are needed.Most climbers die on it from altitude-related illnesses and severe weather including high winds, snow, and white-out conditions.

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All kinds of thoughts may start to run through your head: What if the priest judges me?

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