Slow dating cheltenham

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Slow dating cheltenham

I’d just like to see the developers and councillors show a little for the town instead of shitting their profit-driven cram-’em-in development portfolios all over it, and destroying a heritage landscape for short-term economic gain.Of course historic Cheltenham was itself built by extravagant (and greedy) property speculators, often taking stupid risks – its finest landmarks are the legacy of people whose building schemes were so overblown they bankrupted themselves.The crusade which freed the entire human race from smallpox began in Cheltenham in the humble premises of Alpha House (formerly called the Pest House) in St George’s Road, an 18th century building where Jenner devoted his resources to giving free vaccinations to the poor – eventually saving millions of lives.In September 2011 this 200-year-old house was demolished.It’s illustrated with photographs I’ve taken over the last decade or so and some old maps I’ve lovingly hand-coloured.This site is not about the corporate Cheltenham, nor the touristy Cheltenham, but small focused vignettes of the town as it really is (or was in the past).Speeddating, sometimes spelt Speedating, speed datig, speeed dating, speed datint, speed ating) is a great way to meet and date lots of professional singles in one night.Singles parties, speed dating Bath , Leeds, Belfast, Leicester, speed dating in Birmingham, Liverpool, Speed Dating in London, Brighton, Manchester speed dating, Bristol, speeddating London, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Cardiff, Norwich, Maidstone, Chelmsford, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Oxford, Chester, Reading, Colchester, Sheffield, Dublin, Solihull, Edinburgh, speed dating Southampton, Galway, St Albans, Glasgow, Watford, Guildford, Worcester, Hull and York.

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I found in the far corner of Rodney Road car park a single remaining fragment of a very old garden wall from a house long since demolished, probably Wellington Cottage which is marked on some old maps.

It wasn’t really a wall, just a ghost of one, a brick arch studded with moss standing precariously balanced by its own weight over the River Chelt.

But the things they left behind them are treasures, buildings of inspiring beauty and lasting craftsmanship.

How proud will the next generation of Cheltonians feel about the monstrous multi-storey slab of “luxury” hamster-cage apartments splattered over the Waitrose site, a blighted area which until recently was the location of one of Cheltenham’s last working spas? In 1795 Cheltenham became the home of Dr Jenner, an early pioneer of vaccination whose famous legacy is the discovery of the smallpox vaccine.

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I keep taking the photographs because I never know what’s going to disappear next.

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