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indian should look at its end as it got more to solve on its hand.... Would you like me to send Our Special forces to come over and screw the hell out you Idiots, all over AGAIN.let not forget that in case of war n*body will remain to speak such bulls*it as u all discussing here... Isn't it nice to know, that We BRITSH ruled you Idiots for over 250years, (combined Indo-Pak). Ahhh..I know why so many Indians and Pakistan in what happen.Oh I forgot that she can have s*x in front of her husband according to SWAMI Dia Nand in Sithiarat Parakash. JAI HIND Truth is we pakistanis S H I T in our salwar kameez (our national dress ) whenever we hear of the mighty Indian Armed Forces.See what knowledge can do, and now scream in a closed door. We pee in our Mosques whenever we remember 1971 war with India, when Indian Army Killed our pathetic islamic army like dogs and swines.Let me tell something to you guys the stupid muslims ruled India and savaged the Hindus.Even in the history the pig moguls hara*sed Indian Hindus and wanted them to convert Hindus into muslims this is against nature.It is in our blood, we always like to get booted by Indians.why indians are so hypothetical be practical........i think all indians have forgotten muslim rule.need us again as their masters...always loose talks..

i'm not gonna say nything bad bout the indians y shud i but those here who use foul language for us pakis i'd like to see them say it face to face...will pee in thier pants before saying something like that. Tum jaise kutte logoko maine kitne bar bola ke Hindustani Filme Mat dekha karo. Par tum kamino ko to mere batein pasand nahi ata hai.

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They are like all other girls, difficult to understand but what’s most amazing about them is their attitude and silence. These desi girls show retaliation towards any kind of relationship but in fact, they are very much vulnerable to them.

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This is very too much even after giving the f****ng muslims half part of India, they still want to annex Kashmir.

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