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Abortion is another thorny issue, especially if it is an unmarried female who has conceived.But, unlike popular perceptions in the West, there are ways in which the otherwise strict laws can be interpreted to help them.Just as in the rest of the world, today young people in the Arab world are also getting married later than in an earlier era.But in a conservative social milieu, what is happening to youngsters who are sexually active?‘Ya Shereen, they have so many problems,” Azza said.“They are not satisfied with their husbands, but they don’t know what to do’.” El Feki also found that married Arab women generally equated sexual freedom with being in marriage where they could share a friendly relationship with their husband, who would respect and love them.Are adolescent girls and women aware of their reproductive rights? As these questions came to El Feki she decided to investigate the issue.

Of course, the writer, who is also a member of the UN’s Alliance for Civilizations, Arab Foundation For Freedoms and Equality as well as Advocates for Youth, is cautiously optimistic about change being ushered into the Arab world post the Arab Spring.

So how did El Feki develop an interest in exploring sexuality in the region?

She reveals, “As a health correspondent who was especially tracking HIV/AIDS I was surprised to find people telling me that ‘there was no AIDS here’.

So I looked at the subject as a public health issue, making it simpler for me to approach the respondents.” In 2007, she started work on ‘Sex and the Citadel…’ As the Vice-Chair of UN’s Global Commission on HIV/AIDS and the Law, she visited several countries, including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon, among others, for HIV/AIDS advocacy. When El Feki interviewed the women – married and single – and men as well, they opened up to her without much difficulty, even on the intimate questions.

“They were comfortable talking to me because not only do I look western – and therefore come with the stereotypical image of ‘free mixing’ – but at the same time I have Egyptian roots.

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That made me curious because it’s been observed that the disease is growing the fastest in the Middle East and North Africa now.