San diego asian women dating

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San diego asian women dating

According to my daughter and her friends, that describes the San Diego dating scene.If you just want a man - and any man will do - yeah, there are plenty of them.I’m the Asian kid standing outside, rattling the gate in envy as I watch all the other kids slipping and sliding around and having a splashing grand time.And all I can do is sit here and seethe while I do my calculus homework.More cynically, though, I suspect another reason: Status.I believe that many Asian women (as with many minority women, in general) feel a sense that they are raising their social status by dating white men.As a matter of fact, I thought that many looked very casual.

No matter the reason, the statistics leave me with a dearth of potential dates.

If is any reflection of the general population of San Diego, one out of every three Asian women I meet here—if not more—has already excluded me from her dating pool. I mean, I’d understand if I’d done something stupid to get myself banned from the pool (like, you know, getting drunk on the first date and peeing off the diving board).

But, these women aren’t even letting me in their pool in the first place.

My usual response is, “why, am I supposed to have an Asian fetish? For years now, I’ve wondered if all is not harmonious in the land of Rice Rocketry.

” Okay, okay, I know what they’re implying: I’m Asian. For years now, I’ve suspected that a disproportionate number of Asian women here in San Diego only want to date non-Asian men.

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Point being, my last few girlfriends have been of the noticeably non-Asian variety, which has led to my unceremonious branding with the “twinkie” label.

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