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A few months ago, Face Book launched profile pages which let companies market themselves to Face Book users.

This initiative, in conjunction to buying ads on Face Book presents a compelling proposition to reach Kenyan’s online. Windows Live Search ( Windows Live Search is Microsoft’s Search Engine.

As of this writing, Microsoft’s bid at US$ 44 Billion for Yahoo!

could significantly change the prospects for Windows Live Search which is already quite popular in Kenya. Hi5 ( Hi5, like Face Book, is a popular social network.

I say so because the Google owned You Tube is the world’s leading video sharing web site.

Now, in Kenya, where we are well accustomed to slow internet connections and erratic online experiences, people are actually spending a significant amount online watching streaming videos!

In the course of doing my research using Alexa ( a web site ranking service, I was very surprised to learn that Kenya’s most popular web sites have changed significantly in the last year or so. , Google and the Daily Nation that receive tremendous traffic, as can be expected. I am guessing here but I would bet that the main activity on this site is email and perhaps online chat. email addresses and messenger accounts and this is the confirmed main activity in lots of cybercafés.

Chosen photo, it critical look at the craft center and a gateway.A latecomer to the search game, Live Search has grown significantly in the last few years but still lags a distant third to Google and Yahoo! However, in terms of indexing and quality results, it’s been quite impressive.Like with the other leading search engines, Live Search enables advertisers to market their offerings using sponsored listings, much like Google Adwords.It would also appear that users in Kenya like to exchange files, probably in the form of music, applications and documents, online. In terms of the best of the rest, here are the notable sites with online marketing opportunities in the top twenty (20): 11. Ice breakers for online dating Where you’re thinking pretend kenya sites to be couples decide keep court whether treatment of the subject.

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On a global scale, it lags far behind but for some reason seems to do better across several African Countries.