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Nondating revenue declined to .9 million from .8 million, because the company's Princeton Review business struggled to attract customers interested in prepping for the new format of the SAT test.The number of members paying to use Match Group's dating services increased by 31% to 5.5 million, an all-time high for Match Group, driven by the company's Tinder unit.A paid dating site might have fewer members, but your searches may return more streamlined results – particularly if the site offers a matching system which automatically provides you with matches that are likely to be compatible with you.Really, this point just comes down to what you would prefer.Also, not all free sites are particularly good when it comes to deleting profiles of lapsed members.This means that you can end up messaging people that have not been on the site for a long time.It is certainly true that there are lots of free dating sites that are not worth bothering with, but the fact is that there are some very good ones that compare well with even the best paid dating sites.Most free dating sites still make money; they just make it through selling advertising space rather than charging for membership.

But Tinder's paying members pay about half of the approximately a month for Match Group's subscription-based

Average revenue per paying user fell 8.5% to 54 cents. Swidler said Tinder is now generating more revenue per Tinder user than a year ago because the company is selling à-la-carte features on top of Tinder's monthly subscription fee.

On a per-share basis, Match reported a profit of 21 cents, up slightly from 20 cents a year earlier, after the company issued more shares.

Analysts had expected a profit of 19 cents a share on that basis.

Many people dismiss the idea of free online dating, believing that free sites are a complete waste of time and have nothing to offer.

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