Old fashioned dating rules that still apply speed dating planning

Posted by / 12-Dec-2014 15:27

Old fashioned dating rules that still apply

It’s cousin—cohabitation—is setting speed records as well.

If you move in together too soon, it is difficult to see the forest (your fundamental compatibility) for the trees (her clothes take up the whole closet; his gym bag smells like something died inside).

Today, dating is completely different than it was 11 years ago when I met my husband.

Our great-grandparents moved at a glacial pace that would drive us crazy, while our rush into intimacy of all kinds would make them blush. Players often have unconscious habits that secretly work against them.

Going slow and letting more “innocent” physical contact suffice early on keeps the sparks away from delicate emotions until they are ready.

Looking back, it’s easy to roll our eyes at how dating used to be done.

In other words, the problem may lie in your attitude toward life and toward others.

Little things add up to create a posture that positions you for success"”or not.

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We love the idea of going on a date and not having your friends, job or everyone else attached at the figurative hip through technology.