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Nfs not updating ctime

As a result, the following warning displayed: Bug 24050 - The output of the Map Reduce Line Record Reader function occasionally had the following issues: With the multibyte record delimiter, records were dropped due to incorrect split processing.

With the multibyte record delimiter, duplicate records were produced.

Bug 23687 – During the use of commands hdfs Open File(), hdfs Write(), hdfs Flush(), and/or hdfs Close File() on a file in which the executing user does not have the correct permissions for the operation, 0 was returned instead of the right error code.

Bug 23488 - With Volumes with a replication factor below 3 and no minimum number of replication defined, the replication manager sets the minimum replication value to 1 and containers with only one copy are not re-replicated.

Frank OK, so I ditched the NFS idea, and setup a samba server on the server. I am not sure how to fix the NFS problem, as there are built in users on the server at the same UID as the mpd user on runeuaudio (and I would have thought that runeaudio would have moved the UID to something more reasonable like 1000 )... I would suggest attempting to fix the nfs problems, as it is most useful (particularly since it is an option). Could you check what your file owner and group are on your mounted share?

still, even setting anonuid and anongid settings in the nfs server would not fix the permissions problem. I believe there is a mismatch, in my case it shows root:root and I have not seen yet how that can work without stopping 'mpd' to work.

Namespace and Dataspace replication can be independently specified.

df -h shows: 917G 680G 191G 79% /mnt/MPD/NAS/Audio Backup But again, when I click on "Rebuild MPD Library" I get nothing and the machine does not start doing anything (checking with top, ps aux, etc, etc).debug info Kz Yfi FHow can I manually force MPD to rebuild the library? This is normal, because mpd does not start a new process for the update. Running commands like "ls" or "mount" you are root on the PI.MPD has it's own user called mpd, so maybe it is a permission problem. User 'mpd' should be given permissions on the NFS Server as MPD uses 'mpd' to access the server.With the custom delimiter, incomplete records were read.With the custom and default delimiter, incorrect key/position information was used for uncompressed input.

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Currently the mount seems to work (getting a green tick on the UI), but when MPD tries to update the library, it might get a permissons error like in my case as it is using 'mpd' and stops. You could check this if you temporarily set Hi number9,it seems we have very similar problems

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