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New listings go up and come down within minutes, open houses are mobbed, and often the keys end up in the hands of whoever can physically foist a deposit check on the landlord first.

Such a savage market leaves little room for the kind of fact-finding and deliberation that is theoretically supposed to characterize the doings of the rational consumer.

The possibility of rejection, for instance, has a straightforward mathematical solution: propose early, and often.With such a strategy, your chance of overall success — that is, proposing and being accepted by the best person in the pool — will also be 25%.Not such terrible odds, perhaps, for a scenario that combines the obstacle of rejection with the general difficulty of establishing one’s standards in the first place.This is not merely an intuitively satisfying compromise between looking and leaping. We know this because finding an apartment belongs to a class of mathematical problems known as “optimal stopping” problems.And as it turns out, apartment hunting is just one of the ways that optimal stopping rears its head in daily life.

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