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A variety of production techniques are used to probe the questions of whether the two are clicking and whether there will be a second date.

“First Dates” follows a group of couples as they embark on first dates at the same restaurant.

One contestant will be eliminated each week until the yet-to-be-announced bachelor picks his "Prince Charming." This is not the first time a major cable network has aired a same-sex dating show, though it is the first one with an all gay group of suitors.

Back in 2003, Bravo debuted "Boy Meets Boy," which featured a gay bachelor, gay suitors and - initially unbeknownst to the bachelor - several straight men pretending to be gay.

Casting is open to participants ages 18 to 65 who are currently single and U.

Based on the UK format, “First Dates” explores the experience of a first date — the promise of potential love when it goes well and the hilariously awkward moments if it crashes and burns.In order to give the people what they want, you will need to give the audition judges what they want first. Let the emotions that you are feeling run free and to their fullest extent.While auditioning, the first tip to remember is to always be yourself. This next suggestion isn’t so much a tip as it is a trait that would be beneficial to you for reality television. Anything that makes you more unique and shocking to the audience will definitely help your cause.If you are looking to star in a reality show that can help you find your true love this is your category.Often times it can be difficult to meet a person that you feel that you want to spend your life with.

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