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National guitar dating

With a normal acoustic guitar, you can never get enough volume without feedback - a National guitar's extra volume allows this - 89 years after it was invented it's still a useful tool. in a Broadway show called "The Bird Of Paradise" and in 1915, 17 million Americans visited the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco seeing exhibitions of Hawaiian music and dance.

Also, if you were going to use a metal, you would want something that won't tarnish like steel, brass or copper...The idea derived from the English-made Stroh violin - indeed it was perhaps an exact copy of the Stroh violin principle applied to a guitar.John Stroh patented his idea in 1900 - essentially the bridge of the violin sits on a mica diaphragm which vibrates and is amplified by a conical horn - exactly the way a gramophone works.This arrangement was chosen as it had the most complex tone with the longest sustain.The asymmetrical arrangement of the three cones gave the guitar a unique, modern, art-deco industrial look - not to mention the strange decision (the inspiration for which has never adequately been explained) to make the bodies out of "German Silver"!

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