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Michael weston dating

Forced to return to his hometown of Miami, Florida, he finds himself cut off from the United States Intelligence Community.While searching for answers about his burn notice, Michael becomes an unlicensed freelance private investigator/troubleshooter to help those who have unique problems.Michael eventually found out that Gilroy was working on securing the release of a high risk fugitive named Simon Escher.Gilroy succeeded in freeing him but is later killed by Simon.Michael continued to work toward removing his burn notice and being reinstated in the CIA.Michael then approached CIA agent Diego Garza, who became his point of contact for the CIA.The last words his father said to him were "I'll see you in Hell, boy." Eight years prior to the beginning of the series, his father died.After persistent persuasion by his mother, Michael finally visited his father's grave.

Michael ended up working with Gilroy in order to find out his plan.His father would also take advantage of him, for example, he forced Michael to fake a seizure inside a Mr.Goodwrench store so his father could steal spark plugs.Michael Alan Westen is a fictional character played by Jeffrey Donovan in the television series Burn Notice, created by Matt Nix.Michael, a spy and former Special Forces Operative of the Green Berets and Army Rangers, is widely known as a top CIA operative. He abruptly became the subject of a burn notice while on an assignment.

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He served for 15 years, working in Europe and the OPEC nations as a covert operative who did freelance work for the CIA.

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