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Adam was succeeded by his son, Adam, who held the Barony during the reign of Richard I of England, paid 100 pounds for his relief, with livery of his land, in 1194 and appears to have died in 1224.

These Earls, in turn, were descended from the Saxon Kings of Northumbria.The earliest feudal records indicate that an Adam de Tindale was the feudal Baron of South Tyne-dale and of Langeley/Langley Castle, both in the county of Northumberland.The pipe rolls are written in Latin, which explains the use of 'i' rather than 'y' in the name; there is no 'y' in Latin.Two members of the family were offered, and declined, the throne of Bohemia in the 15th century and one of their number, William Tyndale, was the first modern translator of the Bible into English and one of the most important figures in the evolution of the modern language.The family is spread today throughout the British Isles and the English speaking world.

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Whilst the Tyndales soon adopted the use of the Norman 'de', this does not necessarily suggest the family was Norman in the male line; the Saxon family of Woolesley, for example, used 'de' throughout this period.