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Periodically there are crack downs, like in 1998 when an enterprising district police chief cleaned up the whole EUR district, which by then, had turned into a red light wild west.

As of 2015, the prostitutes have slowly trickled back to the EUR district, but not in such great numbers as in the 1990's.

They are the cheapest prostitutes, ranging from 15 to 30 Euros.

However the presence of large numbers of street prostitutes in suburban areas, has caused protests from Romans living there.

However since the US election, there have been no reports Madonna ever carried out her pledge.

Paola insisted that, unlike Madonna, she will keep her promise.

Tonight the 27-year-old beauty will appear in Latina, central Italy, where scores of "No" voters will turn up having reportedly signed non-disclosure forms.

To book your place on the Pompa Tour, "No" voters were sent a booking form which had to be completed and sent back to Paola.

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Rome has plentiful prostitutes of all price ranges.

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