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Jackie warner rebecca dating

As seen on season three, Jackie dated, and lived with, a 25-year-old bartender named Brianna Stockton.

At the end of season three, Jackie and Brianna appeared to have ended their relationship.

What could be more natural when two people are thrown together in a thoroughly unnatural reality-TV setting than for them to find true love?

Well, okay, maybe not always true love—but the heightened reality of reality TV certainly has led to some wild (and some pretty weird) romances.

Warner is a lesbian and her show chronicled her relationships with four different women.

The reality show's first season followed Warner's daily routine, giving a behind-the-scenes look at how Warner runs her day-to-day business, juggles her personal life with then-girlfriend Milenna (Mimi) Saraiva, and deals with her employees' personal issues.

On March 18, 2007, Bravo launched a second season of "Work Out," where it continues to show Warner handling her personal life and controversial relationship with employee Rebecca Cardon, launching a new business venture, integrating a new trainer (Gregg Butler) into the mix, and dealing with the sudden death of trainer Doug Blasdell.

Negative comments were made regarding Jamie's breast implants and were overheard by Eason's boyfriend, who was right outside Jackie's office, unbeknownst to Jackie.

The actual footage was not shown by Bravo, but Jamie's boyfriend Rich Luzzi, as well as Jamie Eason herself, have stated that Jackie made most of the negative comments and Lisa only chimed in.

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In the summer of 2010, Warner appears in promotional commercials for the Bravo network, appearing alongside stars of current Bravo series and possibly suggesting a return to the network.

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