Is ross lynch dating selena gomez

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Is ross lynch dating selena gomez

This post, at our number 8 spot, originally ran July 24th. We'll be revealing more of your favorite posts throughout the holidays.magazine, you may have noticed an exclusive story about Ross Lynch's dating life.

“I know for me — I’ve been acting since I was 5 — I’ve always been taught that you really should never date a costar while you’re working with someone, because then you can get together then not get together. ” She also told us that it’s not just her who feels this way — the whole cast pretty much made a pact!We've chosen 10 girls we think Ross would be adorable with.Click through to see all of our choices and cast your vote at the end! You can check out a first look at Ross as a young Jeffrey Dahmer.The film will be making it’s premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival soon.

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Yes, we know it’s likely that Bella Thorne, 17, and Ross Lynch, 19, are just friends, but we just can’t get over the possibility of these two as a couple!

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