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In depth psychology dating

This paradigm shift would take the form of a new holistic perspective on psychology that brought behavior, cognition, and consciousness together in a dialectical relationship.

You breath into it, trying to be mindful of each sensation, but the breath barely comes, gets lost somewhere between the inhale from your belly to the exhale from your mouth, and chokes you.every breath, every move, every thought…it is almost as if you are being controlled by another force, much stronger than you. You think about reaching out to a friend, but the thought of rejection feels unbearable.You cry, thinking the tears might wash away some of the sadness, but it only makes you feel worse. Not able to let go of the past, or think about the future.Addiction is really an exaggerated form of something in all of us that has gone awry.The key is not to shame and judge, but to inspire and heal.

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I believe it is when we are able to face that within ourselves which is judged to be ugly, perverse, and crazy, can we find that place of deep compassion and resonance with pure love. That which will shatter my illusions, and peel away the false layers of my persona.