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For more information about JSTOR, please contact [email protected] TRANSCRIPT IN ROMAN CHARACTERS, ami VKKIJAL TRANSLATION. Wo cannot of course positively uflii-in, that the Artaxcrxcs who is here mentioned may not bo either Longimauus or Miicmoii, but as the vase must be supposed to have been prepared for the use of tho monarch, or at any rato under hia inspection, it seems very impro- bable that either of these kings would have countenanced an ortho- graphical corruption of tho name, which was not admitted in Persia Proper, even under tho reign of Oohus.

is put for the genitive, as well as by the repetition of tho same barbarous orthography in the concluding phrase, Vishtdsjmhi/d Arsh- dma nama pulra, where the initial name must necessarily be iu the nominative ease. lt ; is doubtful, in the first place, whether it should not rather be divided into two separate clauses, imam ustashandm dthai/aiidm, and mdm upd ■nuiin karld ; the etymology of several of the words also is obscure, and the gram- matical construction altogether barbarous. Ihtashandm is evidently a compound, and in the last element wo may probab|y see, ,an analogous formation to the Sans, W^Ttr. Ity an extraordinary carelessness of composition, 1 imagine also, that the aceus.

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Prior to coming to Lee, Estes served as a principal, an assistant principal, and a classroom teacher over nine years in Little Rock, Ark., and Chapel Hill, N. While at the University of North Carolina, Estes worked as a Paideia Seminar Trainer, a teaching assistant, a research assistant, and a Carolina Teaching Fellows program assistant.

The omission of the YY in the first syl- lable of the name is of no consoipionee, for a.s I have observed in tho inscriptions of lichistun, tho vowel may be considered to be inherent in (he letter ? I have already conjectured in my notes on ■ dthnyainn, Unit thuya with the prefixed particle A may denote " building,", being " a mason," and nd, "masonry;" and I am inclined, accordingly, to render imam itslash- i Hhuijamim, by "thin well-sculptured piece of masonry." [ must add, that dthnyandm cannot possibly in this inscription signify "ahnilding " or " superstructure," for it is doubtful if the terrace II, upon which is found one copy of the, inscription, was ever surmounted by any permanent edifice; and the palace upon the platform 0, to which the dthayand of the staircase legend would apply if it were translated as " a building," was unquestionably a work of Darius Ilystuspcs. of thaya conjugated in the ninth class, we must suppose natashandm to be a noun, and we must then translate, " I have executed this beautiful engraving," supposing the allusion to be in both cases to the lettered tablet. I prefer, however, connecting tho entire sentence together, and considering lart.d to be tho noin.

Tli niua ; ub antiquo qiuo nostrum atirpa reges fuere. It is also interesting to observe, that the royalty of his immediate ancestry which Darius asserts at JSohistun, appears to have found little favour with his descendants; for while the line of kings is distinctly marked by Artaxerxes in the present inscrip- tion as high as the, fifth generation, the names of Hystaspes and Arsames are neither the one nor the other dignified with the royal title. Tlic grammatical errors at (lie same time witli which this sentence is encumbered, arc even more glaring than of the preceding para- graphs. is throughout employed for (he genitive; and by the most unaccountable carelessness or ignorance, tho name of Hystaspcs is altered from its true orthography to the inflected form which it oxhibils on (he tabids of Darius, where it is placed iu the genitive case. instead of the neuter, and the accusative mdm to be used for viand.

through Hystaspcs, Darius, Xerxes, Artaxerxes (Longimauus), Darius (Nolhus), ami Artaxerxes (Munition), to himself, is a valuable confirmation of the authenticity of Orocia.n history. ■ , Mdm npti mdm hirtd will not admit of grammatical analysis; if the phrase be isolated we must translate, "it has beeri done by mc (for) myself,'' supposing the participle to be put in the fcm.

William “Bill” Estes serves as dean of the Lee University Helen De Vos College of Education.

He came to Lee in 1998 as an assistant professor of education and has served as chair of the Department of Health, Exercise Science & Secondary Education since 2004.

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