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Herpes dating bc lang en

Genital herpes doesn't detract from your many desirable qualities, which have drawn people to you in the past and will continue to make you a great catch. The first date after a genital herpes diagnosis may seem a little strange, however.And it's important to understand that genital HSV is very common, affecting about 20% of the U. If you hope to be sexually intimate with your date at some point, you may feel like you're keeping a secret.Still, 94 per cent of those who tested positive were unaware of their status. I'm quite independent and strong minded, but can be silly!Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection.According to data collected through the Canadian Health Measures Survey, as many as one in seven Canadians aged 14 to 59 may be infected by herpes simplex virus 2, one of two viruses responsible for the infection.

It might be better to break the news about herpes to someone who has already grown attached to you.What's more, anyone who disdains or humiliates you for having herpes was never worth your while.Keep dating, and you will find someone who wants to be with you regardless of your condition.“The idea that people who have active genital herpes infections acquired it either through promiscuous sexual behaviour is completely false.” Melanie, whose name has also been changed to protect her privacy, said her ex-boyfriend told her soon after they started dating that he had herpes.Despite taking steps to prevent transmission, she also became infected.

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