Girl in att 4g speed dating commercial

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Girl in att 4g speed dating commercial

To create a sense of vulnerability and to give each guy a chance to show off their machismo, the woman would act as if she were uncomfortable behind the wheel of the powerful sports car. One of the guys offers to take the wheel and show her "what this thing can do." Another instructed her on when to shift gears.

Unlike virtually every T-Mobile television commercial and print advertisement since 2010, when Carly debuted as a pink-dress-wearing spokeswoman for the fourth-largest mobile carrier in America, Foulkes was nowhere to be seen in T-Mo's "Un Carrier" promotional material.We’re shooting from the hip and think you’re gonna love our cage-rattling approach.That "new direction for the brand" line -- a beautiful bit of corporate-speak -- likely means that the T-Mobile Girl is T-Mobile Gone.Q: Who is the hot girl in the AT&T i Phone “Speed Dating” commercial?A: Agatha Nowicki Agatha is an actress, who has worked both in the theater and on TV.

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So gentlemen — the next time a blind date offers to drive you home ... She might be a professional stunt driver and you might be in for the ride of your life.