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It’s a fact that relationships are often a little less permanent than once they were.

People fall in and out of relationships more frequently and with more ease.

[Read: 7 ways to make dating a music lover more fun! A new twist on a traditional idea, try a six-stage treasure hunt that ends with some anniversary gift or other surprise for a unique and memorable marker to your burgeoning relationship. Not a measly six, however, but a full 183 to mark each day you’ve been together. [Read: 9 wild ways to have sex in the shower and enjoy it! If your other half is a petrol head, then buy them access to a racetrack for a full six laps, driving any awesome car or bike that they wish. In the final six days leading up to your anniversary, take your significant other out each night to different but equally swanky restaurants. [Read: Foodie dates: 15 trendy dinner ideas for new couples] #11 A feast for two. If your other half is a big lover of cinema, then how about suggesting a film marathon snuggled up on the sofa together?

Then, with a little gentle music playing in the background, upload it to You Tube and send them the link. [Read: 20 most romantic songs for the one you love] #2 Blossoming relationships.

[Read: The perfect romantic massage to turn your lover on] #5 Lying down on the job.

Few things are more relaxing or rewarding than a bit of time spent in a spa.

Instead of rolling up at a beach somewhere and not moving for a week, try hitting the road.

Depending on where you live in the world and your available budget, you could aim for hitting six counties, six states, or even six different countries within six days.

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An anniversary that neither of you would ever forget.

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