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First contact on a dating site

Here are our top three tips for making a first contact on an online dating site: 1.Re-Read, Edit and Spell Check Even though you are contacting someone through a written message over the Internet, it doesn’t have to look like you are firing them out at rapid speed.If I could only give one bit of dating advice, it would be to send messages to everyone who takes your fancy.However, when it comes to sending your first message to someone it can be hard to think of what to say.Spell check and edit to catch mistakes that spell check will miss such as proper use of there, they’re and their.Similarly to the real world of meeting new people, first impressions count and a careless mistake could easily cost you a reply. Be Creative with your Subject Lines Writing “Hi” or “Hello There” as a subject line is rather boring.“Hi James, I really like your profile and you made me laugh with your comment about the kind of girls you usually meet.I’m not too into the tangoed look myself, but I do usually have a tan in the summer from being out in the field with my horse.

Whatever happens, don’t be put off sending messages, a cheesy message is better than no message at all!Always: Use proper grammar Read your message out loud to make sure that it flows nicely.Do not write in shorthand, internet lingo, text message abbreviations etc.“Good morning Donna, I thought I’d get in touch as we have so much in common and you seem like a really nice girl.You mention that you have two dogs, what breed are they?

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I’ve got a springer called Tess, who’s always running around and a tabby called Cookie who sits by the fire all day.