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Once you match with a bot on a dating site, it might try to sell you an online game (see the Castle Clash fiasco), lure you to a pornographic site, or generally convince you to sign up for something you probably don’t want or need.

(Women, not so much.) While using Clever Bot as a stand-in didn’t find him a mate, from women’s responses, many did not suspect “he” was a bot—just kind of a weird guy.“Most chatbots work on what is called ‘pattern matching,'” Steve Worswick told me.He’s the creator of Mitsuku, the award-winning chatbot that took home the coveted Loebner Prize in 2013, given to the bot deemed the most human-like. ” questions we ask on dating sites are pretty simple for a well-built chatbot to respond to.Other chatbots will use similar tactics when random letters are introduced. ” This use of nonsensical English is one way to test a bot—and if it turns out you’re talking to a human, you can always follow with, “oops, typo! For instance, programmers can wire a bot so that if it doesn’t understand something, it simply responds with “Cool” and inserts a non-sequitur like, “What’s your favorite ice cream? Enough deflections and you’ll start to realize your date may not be real.For instance, if you say, “I love jkhfkdjh,” the bot might respond, “What do you love about jfhfkdjh? ” But some bots have been programmed to work around this trick by simply responding “What? ” Worswick says this type of maneuver requires a lot of leg work from the programmer, writing eons of code and teaching the bot how to respond to millions of scenarios. Another tactic is to ask the bot to spell words backwards, or to use a lot of pronouns like “it.” “Pronouns are often quite difficult for chatbots,” Worswick told me.

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