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Combined with her prudishness (getting more nude earlier in her career might have saved her from disappointing crap B-movies for the most part), it severely limits her ability to book work.

Whether you hate her incestuous royal turn on Game of Thrones or her overbearing motherly turn on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Headey is confrontational as an actress and that makes her infinitely interesting.Workaholic - She's not well-known without reason - this tough lady puts in the hours and is all over the globe for roles.This might be lonesome for some of you looking for extended cuddle time.Unless she's with Joss, she seems to be undervalued by Hollywood.Smoker - Eliza has been smoking regularly since the age of 15 and while she might be aging great, that shit eventually takes a toll on everything, from your health to the smell getting into everything you own.

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Tough but Private - One of the things I love best about Katheryn is that aside from her reputation for being a viking ass kicker on her show, Vikings, you don't know much about her other than what she feels like sharing.

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