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Rosalind Adler is a very accomplished performer who moves between different roles with consummate ease and confidence which is as delightful as it is engaging. But the characters in this piece don’t have any good experiences to relate, and you are left to wonder why if everyone on the online dating sites is so awful, why is it so popular?For me, the characters are uni-dimensional, the situations too contrived.She said the money amounted to less than 1% of the society’s annual turnover and was not "operationally impactful". Despite already recovering the funds I wanted to be open about the situation and offer the opportunity to members to discuss this at our Annual General Meeting in August," she said.One-woman's adventures in the dating world is a simple and oft-used comedy premise especially in the age of internet dating.Adding two additional fictional women’s stories of online dating, LOL offers insights into the "real" world of online dating. Delivered with much professional aplomb, the play is creatively staged in the limiting conditions of the Fringe.The set is cleverly used to enable different story strands to be told separately, then brought together to afford insight into the world of internet dating. Yes there are lots of lonely people looking for love.

Indeed, it is thanks to our own internal scrutiny that we successfully uncovered the issue.” However, he confirmed that forensic accountants had been brought in to review its processes to “ensure all lost funds were identified and recovered”.

After that, just like in dating, you never know what is going to happen next.

Bron is an endearing oddball; you want to get to know her better.

So, Anholt presents four of the idiots she's been on a date with in the last year: two knuckleheads, a child and an ice-cream man.

All are convenient stereotypes with easily discernible accents to enable Anholt to bring them to life effectively.

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Its easy to be cynical about peoples’ attempts to find personal happiness.

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