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The gang had a ritual that took place when someone got the RS tattoo, she said, “but as a girl, I wasn’t allowed to go.” “It meant that you were a full brother.You were in the family,” she testified, adding that only those in the “inner circle” were allowed to get tattoos until the Bacon brothers joined the gang.Her mom kicked her out, so she moved to a Guildford stash house used by the Red Scorpions to reload the runners working for one of their dial-a-dope lines. First she was a runner, driving Haevischer around New Westminster because she had a licence and wasn’t known to police.“You go there to sleep and eat and drop off your drugs. But she advanced to delivering larger quantities of cocaine to lines across the Lower Mainland.She rented houses and apartments to be used for drug distribution and even began cooking crack and packaging heroin.

She said she started delivering drugs for the gang over the objections of her mother, who guessed Haevischer was trafficking and disapproved.But planning permission to demolish the existing four-bed house was granted a week later.The ex-girlfriend of accused Surrey Six killer Cody Haevischer said members of the Red Scorpions who she met in 2004 took credit for a Vancouver shooting that spring.KM also described photographs that police found in the Stanley apartment after the murders.She said most of the snapshots were taken on her camera and showed Haevischer, his brother Justin and other Red Scorpion members showing off their tattoos and socializing at various events in 20.

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