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Dating: This is something we can really get our teeth into without gaining a calorie. For the few (I use the term lightly) who suffer, stress, experience unhappiness, angst, worry, anger, frustration and outright distress why not decide 2016 will be different!For all those who are single or single again the new year is a great time to assess just how well your social life is going. True dating success and pleasure only come when we introspect, examine our strengths and challenges and gain intimate self-knowledge.

Recollection: "The Donald" will be making lots of news for the next number of months during the race for both nomination and possibly election as President. Every reader must reach their own conclusion as to the quality and substance of his rhetoric and potential ability to lead our great nation.

For more than six billion people exist, your chances are better online since each eligible partner is not able to cram into the bar of your daily unique.

But if you want to do it in a fast and efficient way, then the speed dating services are the best option for you.

A personal tale, but perhaps an interesting perspective that you might find only in The Huffington Post.

A Special Note The 2016 presidential election is one of the most important in our nation's history.

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