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David fincher dating rooney mara

The way she describes people who are morally, psychologically and socially sitting on the edges of society — and that fact that love is the crime here."Todd Haynes, whose 2002 romantic drama "Far From Heaven" broke similar boundaries by exploring homosexuality and race relations in the 1950s, debuted his new production at the Cannes Film Festival in May, where it received high praise and Mara was awarded the lead actress prize. Blanchett, a two-time Oscar winner, and Mara, nominated for "Dragon Tattoo," are considered likely nominees this year.Blanchett co-produced the film with British Number 9 Films, Film4 Productions and the New York-based Killer Films, and it is being distributed in the U. The story of Carol was based on a real encounter Highsmith had working as a clerk in a department store."Todd sent us like five or six mix CDs from the time and this beautiful look book of all these photographs from the 1950s he felt represented what he wanted the film to look and feel like," said Mara."There's a lot of different directions 'Carol' could have gone, but I could have never imagined the film Todd was going to make until I saw it. "Terse," "rude" and "abrupt" were all used to describe the late author, a public persona that was perhaps a result of the impossible road she had to walk."Being a writer at any period in history is an uncomfortable relationship with the world, but she had a particularly difficult one," said Blanchett."She'd tell me which of her books to read and should not read.But she never mentioned this one until she published it under her own name and retitled it 'Carol.' She gave me a copy of the book and talked about it in such a personal way I was afraid to read it because, what if I had the wrong response?The film doesn't feel like it's preaching to the audience.

"Carol" universalizes from the particular, and it does so with exceptional skill and style.I expected it to be like all that lesbian pulp literature of the day, and it wasn't.It had somewhat of a happy ending."Nagy, who'd become an accomplished playwright, was approached a couple of years after Highsmith's death to do her first film adaptation with "Carol." Though it was all but completed by 2000, it underwent a decade-plus of revision under various directors (including Stephen Frears and Kenneth Branagh) and investors until the project finally went cold.Equal to both actors, however, was the challenge of conveying the risk of a same-sex love affair to audiences who live in an age of marriage-equality legislation and transgender TV stars."There's so many secrets, codes and forbidden topics and taboos that exist between the women of 'Carol,' which is fantastic stuff to play with as actors," said Blanchett. The same-sex nature of the relationship sits alongside the age gap, along the gulf of innocence as opposed to experience.There's a lot of other textures in the film to explore beyond their relationship.""And both of the women are coming of age in a different way," added Mara, who skyrocketed to fame for her blistering performance as the lead in David Fincher's version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." "They're both at a stage of life where they have to decide what kind of women they're going to be and if they're going to live their truth or continue on in this life that doesn't really feel like theirs.""Carol," out Friday in limited release, is the screen adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's semi-autobiographical "The Price of Salt." Highsmith, who also wrote "Strangers on a Train" and the "Ripley" series, published the book in 1952 under the pseudonym Claire Morgan because of its taboo subject matter.

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