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Datingservicechicago com

We ended with a couple questions, I asked where the fines went after they came out of the check.

The answer, "to charity." Clinton figured that the fine would be a tax deduction since it was going to charity, but that idea was confirmed with a direct no, and an explanation that the money would be taken pre taxes out of the check.

The minimum fine in playoff games will be between 10 and 20 thousand dollars.

The minimum in the NFC Championship is between 50 and 75 thousand and for the Super Bowl the minimum is 100 grand.

We have even gotten to the point where were naming offenses after players, like the Tom Brady, I won't buckle my chinstrap, so now I'm gonna get fined rule.

The actual strategy of the uniform checker was also brought to our attention.

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Second, an example will be made out of, what the NFL considers, second time offenders.

This consists of anyone who has received a uniform fine in the past, but not just the recent past, all the way back to previous seasons.

Per our meeting with the Redskins uniform checker (I can't think of a better title) I fully understand the NFL has established dominance over what the players will wear on and around the field.

This is a classy game and nothing like a hand towel taped up or a t-shirt coming out of a jersey is going to jepordize that.

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It's been made very obvious the NFL and it's sponsors want the players to dress accordingly.

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