Dating trouble

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If you have ticked yes to a person and that particular person has also ticked yes to you, then that’s a match!You will receive each others contact details the next day via email. Midweek Speed Dating for only is the most cost efficient speed dating event we have.

It could be a trade, a restaurant, landscaper, photographer, designer, whatever! Held in the CBD and we also offer light finger food in case you haven’t had dinner yet. Fitness Speed Dating for only is for those who prefer to date someone who is also into fitness. For only we get 6 smashing rounds, team rotations every round, perfect points system and of course we have prizes to be won! If you love your trivia nights and are single, this is absolutely perfect for you. So if it was a fantastic experience for Tommy, then you can be assured that we will offer you the same quality experience. Sometimes they are themed or dress up parties with all sorts of fun, competitions and prizes to be won!

Click to read the full review ~ Midweek Speed Dating ~ What an experience!

Tommy is by far the best host I’ve ever met at this kind of event and you can tell why he’s so successful by the way he presents..

Held in the CBD and we also offer light finger food in case you haven’t eaten yet. Double Trouble Speed Dating is a fantastic way to start your big Friday night out!

Rock up and cruise the night with a wingman and go on a series of double dates rotating through 3 bars that are walking distance away.

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~ Fitness Speed Dating ~ I’ve done speed dating before and this was by far the BEST.

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