Dating service for dog lovers

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Dating service for dog lovers

From the copy: "Through registrations and daily logins, we've committed ,560 to pets in need! ) From the Web site's copy: If you have the greatest pet in the world and the only thing missing is the love of your life, Animal People Personals can help connect you to others just like you.You don't have to have a pet, just a desire to connect with other animal lovers.Many dating sites cater to religious, cultural and political preferences, but won’t focus as heavily on interests like pets, music or travel, said Karen North, a professor of social media at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism.“If you find somebody with the same lifestyle passion, you don’t have to start out at square one,” North said.There was one category left off the list, however: animal lovers! Other than an extensive collection of links to stories like How to Deal With Your Dog's Separation Anxiety and Sibling Rivalry-Canine Style, I don't see anything on the site that's so different from Okay, well, maybe there are more photos of single people with their pooches, but really, that's about it.Must Love Pets is exclusively for pet lovers who are either a dog lover, a cat lover, or animal lover in general.

The more you log in to their site, the more money they donate. Speaking of, Animal People Personals claims they have partnered with Match, "to bring you thousands of more animal people"¦ to meet." (Why not just join then and search by pets?But unlike Dog Gone Singles and their 4,000 sites, Must Love Pets is part of the U-DRIVE DATING Network of a mere 5 sites.Also unlike Dog Gone Singles, this one looks really good!You can browse our singles community and discover singles based on all your interests.Also makes sure to check out our free singles groups and browse all the singles communities to see which suits what you are looking for.

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Animal rating: woof Dog Gone is one small part of the vast Tango Wire dating network.

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