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Dating old aged pensioner

From April 2015, the state pension age for men was at 65 while the age for women was increased to 62.5.

By October 2018, pension age will be 66 for both men and women; plans are in place to increase it to 67 by the end of 2028.

The state pension system has always been designed to be supplemental income.

Pensioners can receive additional money by way of the second state pension, SERPS, and supplementary credits such as the Pension Credit.

Anyone reaching the state pension age on or after 1 April 2016 is subject to a higher flat rate of £155 per week.

It is a handy chart you could print out and save for your own reference if you wanted to.

As things currently stand, basic pension payments under the old system are roughly £115.90 weekly.

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The new basic state pension payment will be reviewed on a periodic basis in order to ensure it is adjusted for inflation.

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