Dating nepali women nepal

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Dating nepali women nepal

Buses are available from major cities in Nepal to the border city of Sunauli.From the Sunauli bus station, take a rickshaw (200 NPR) to the border crossing, get your passport stamped on the Nepali side then walk through the border.From there, take the government bus to Gorakhpur, not the private lines which are far less comfortable and stop everywhere.The bus trip between the border and Gorakhpur takes 4 hours and costs ₹60.Note that many streets are too narrow to be reached by cycle-rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, and car and therefore, you may have to walk a bit to reach your destination.By foot is the only way to see the waterfront and the ghats - but be ready to be hot, sweaty, and lost - locals are usually happy to point you in the right direction.Bus stand is 10 minutes walking distance from airport.

There are buses run by state government from Lucknow (8 hours, ₹160), Gorakhpur (8 hours, ₹130), Khajuraho (12 hours, ₹250), Kanpur (9 hours - ₹195), Faizabad (7 hours, ₹105), Bodhgaya (7 hours, ₹250) and Allahabad (3 hours - ₹107 for AC, ₹60 w/o AC).

The names of ghats and signs pointing to restaurants and hotels are often painted on the walls in Roman letters.

For better orientation, walk into any book store and pick up a small guide/map book that will have the list of all the ghats and their historical background.

Many Hindus believe that dying in Varanasi brings salvation/nirvana and so they make the trip to the city when they realize that they are close to death.

For some, the culture shock of the burning corpses in plain view can be a bit overwhelming.

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To reach Varanasi from Gorakhpur, you can either take a train from the Gorakhpur Junction train station (5-7 trains per day, 5.5-7 hour journey, ₹200-800 cost) or a bus (hourly, 8 hour journey, ₹130 cost).