Dating mind games women play online dating meeting people

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If you know you’re being led up the garden path, keep all senses alert.Try not to chase her too much, act like a bit of a challenge yourself to entice her to take some initiative as well.If she isn’t willing to talk about it, give her a little time on her own, and then lighten the moment by telling her something that begs a response, or try just holding her and letting her vent some steam, which will hopefully melt some of that iciness.She flirts with you and lets you think she’s under your spell, while she's actually casting her spell over you.You may think that by going after her, it makes you seem like the weak one.But remember, a woman wants to know that it matters to you – that her being upset makes a difference to you.

When a woman says this to you all your senses should go on red alert.This is a time that calls for political correctness and diplomacy worthy of an electoral candidate.If she asks you, "Was I being rude to that catty woman, give me your honest opinion", watch your answer.She has you so captivated with her charms that you are totally helpless to do anything but be reeled in.And then, when you least expect it, she shows you the door. You have to have your wits about you and enjoy her for the moment, without getting your hopes up, or your wallet emptied.

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Women often love to talk about men and how they are ruled by their baser urges.