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The visual became an important tool for projecting the image of India,” says Dr.

As a visitor from India, I was surprised to feel a strange sort of pride in having extraordinary artwork from my country being exhibited in the British museum with such relish.Whatsapp share will automatically appear when opening the blog from mobile device.After receiving so many requests on btheme9's fb page we finally decided to publish this AMP template for you.The history buff in me could have never left the isles without paying a visit to its museums.But the problem with loving history is that one is acutely aware of the dark politics behind seemingly innocent displays.

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But the case of Britain is unique in the sense that the museum visitor, particularly a visitor from a post-colonised country, is suddenly made aware of how his or her past has brutally been ripped away and appended to British history, now on display for tourists from around the world to gloat over.